Digital to Physical and Back Again

Wall of Photos - Close Up

Today the "prints" of photos from my most recent trip arrived. I use prints a bit loosely here because they're actually metal sheets with photo dye infused directly into it. I think it qualifies as a print, but only barely. Regardless of those semantics, the digital representations of some of the physical beauty we saw on the trip have now been converted back to physical (which of course I have now continued the loop by digitizing the physical so that I can share the display here). This is the point where I realize that sitting by a campfire with my philosophizing cousin, this discussion of the inherent cyclical nature of representational creation would spiral out of control until it was finally wrapped up not by any grand conclusions, but by the cold enveloping us as the embers ceased to radiate enough heat to power the discussion any further.

I am kind of excited by this new wall of photos not just because of the stories it represents but because of the ease with which it can be expanded.

Wall Pins

These little pins (and the grid they compose) mean that I can move these prints on a whim. Not only that, but since the whole thing is formed by a simple grid, it is easily expandable. So I can look forward to the day that my various photos fill an entire wall and not just the arm span they currently cover.

Wall of Photos

And did I mention they're shiny?