A New Habit

I did really well at this whole writing/posting thing for a couple days and then completely failed. I would like to change that and at the same time use this as a platform for a record of the improvement of my photography skills. I considered setting out on a 365 project or something similar but decided that I didn't quite want to force myself into having to do something every day.

I think that once a week is a worthy project to begin with though and so I plan to do the following:

-To better my photography skills both by creating new works and by delving into my archives to practice post-processing.

-As a measure of this effort I will post at least a photo a week here. The photo will either be completely new or a re-edit of former work. Either way the processing of the photo will have happened within a few days of the post.

With that said, here is the first fruit of my effort.

Fireworks, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada