What's In a Name?

So I decided to start a blog. Only I didn't think about what I would call said blog. Being the technical person I am, I got the server all setup, configured the software, and did some tweaks to the theme so it wouldn't annoy me. I thought the name would be easy. Only it definitely wasn't. The technical side of things was done two days ago. It's taken that long to come up with a title and tagline I didn't hate. So without further ado, I give you An Exercise for the Reader.

So the Content

As I'm sure the observant among you have noticed, the subtitle gives away the main content. Of course, the linkage between them may not be readily apparent. Essentially I'm going to write about whatever I feel like writing about. All I ask of you is that you only read whatever you feel like reading about (I don't think I can reasonably expect otherwise). Most of what I write will center around my interests and experiences so you can expect to see me write about coding, share some of my photography, write about and share photos from various travels, probably share some ice cream recipes, and whatever else may strike my fancy. I promise nothing more.

So we'll see where the road takes us.

The Road