To The Mountains

Trail on the Endlich Mesa, Weminuche Wilderness, CO

During the next couple of weeks I'll be spending some time in the mountains. Photographically speaking, I'm particularly excited to spend a few days in Yellowstone. I fully expect to have at least a few hundred new photos just from those days. Of course, there's some excitement due to getting in a few days of skiing as well.

I think most of all I'm just looking forward to spending a couple weeks in the mountains. During the past few years I've discovered that I get a certain feeling of, for lack of a better term, "at homeness" whenever I spend time in the mountains. I'm not sure where this feeling originates (it's certainly not due to the terrain near any home I've had). Perhaps it's good memories of ski trips and Glorieta during the course of growing up or just a product of being such a visually striking difference from my everyday experience. Regardless of the reason, I can say with certainty that the mountains sing to my soul and stir my heart to worship in a way that few other things do.

I'm not sure whether I'll be able to do my planned weekly post next week due to the trip so I figured I'd go on and edit two photos this week. I'm looking forward to having a whole pile of new photos to share when I return, perhaps even enough to share more than once a week for a while.

Swiss Guard, Vatican City