Making Photos

Fog at Point Reyes Lighthouse, CA

I decided to go for something a bit outside of my usual processing workflow. Generally I try to keep my edits as subtle as possible, but every once in a while it makes sense to edit to match the mood of the shot.

In the interest of seeing just how much was done to this one, I'm going to post the unedited version as well. It's still a foggy shot, but the colors give it a different mood altogether.

Fog at Point Reyes Lighthouse, CA (pre-edit)

Whenever I'm working on a long editing process for a photo, there's a quote from Ansel Adams that always comes to mind.

You don't take a photograph, you make it. - Ansel Adams

To me the difference between passively taking and actively making is the biggest differentiator between a simple snapshot and a photographic work of art.

Now I just need to take a few thousand more so that I can get past the worst 10,000.