Detail Work

Bison Walking Through the Snow, Yellowstone National Park

It's funny to me the similarities between creating software and making photos. In both disciplines, there is a certain tension between creative vision and technical precision. Generally, the broad vision of what the end product will be coalesces early on and most of the work (whether it be writing code or processing a photo) is applying the appropriate technical expertise to go from a blank canvas to a finished product.

All that to say that in addition to the usual photo updates today, I've also done a small amount of work on the blog itself. Having the ability to do a lightbox view of the photos on this primarily photoblog was long overdue so clicking any of the photos should now open a lightbox like the one shown in the screenshot below. This new trick doesn't work on mobile devices so you should get the old click through and get a photo by itself on phones and tablets.

I definitely have some other upgrades in mind for the blog, but for now I'm going to leave it at the simple updates that I think have the largest impact.


Snow Covered Trees, Yellowstone National Park